Box Tops for Education





Earning cash for Sanders Corner with Box Tops is easy! Each one is worth 10 cents and you can find them on hundreds of products. Encourage your friends and relatives to collect them too. Our goal this year is to earn $2,000! 


Box Tops come in all shapes and sizes. They don’t need to be clipped perfectly – parents can cut them neatly or just rip them off the packages and send them in to school. However, it’s very important that each Box Tops clip has a clearly visible product acronym and expiration date. Expired Box Tops don’t count towards our earnings!


  • Clip Box Tops from hundreds of participating products.
  • Check the expiration dates.
  • Trim them down to a reasonable size.
  • Send them to school in a baggie with your child’s name and class on it
  • Students can place their baggies in the Box Tops collection bin in their classrooms.


Contests are held throughout the year to encourage participation in the Box Tops program. Parents are encouraged to visit the PTA section of the Sanders Corner website and/or the Sanders Corner PTA Facebook page for contest details. Contests are also announced on the Sanders Corner morning news.


In addition to standard Box Tops, look for Bonus Box Tops certificates when you shop. They may be in stores during special promotions, on specially-marked packages or printed on your receipt at checkout. Look for sweepstakes and promotions at for chances to win Bonus Box Tops. They can also be earned through local grocer websites and with grocer loyalty cards.


If you have any questions about Box Tops for Education, please contact our Box Tops Coordinator, Debra Flowers.